Google Chrome is set to enhance its user experience on the desktop by adding a “read aloud” function, currently available for testing in the Canary version. While its initial rollout might seem basic, it gets the job done.

A notable feature of Read Aloud is the adjustable playback speed, allowing users to control the rate at which articles are read aloud. Moreover, in future updates, users can switch between various voice options, adding to the auditory experience.

In terms of user interface, the “Read Aloud” feature offers a thoughtful design element: as the article is narrated, the sentence being read is highlighted, while the sections that have been read fade out.

This ensures users can easily track the reading progress. For those who might find the highlighting distracting, Chrome has added a button to turn off this feature.

On a related note, Chrome is also enhancing its visual appeal.

An existing feature in Chrome allows the browser’s theme color to match the wallpaper of the New Tab Page (NTP). Previously, this was limited to images from the “Customize Chrome” panel. However, with the latest updates in Chrome Canary, users can now enjoy this feature with their images, making for a more personalized browsing experience


Source: bleeping computer | By: Mayank Parmar | September 16, 2023 |

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