K-12 School IT Services

K-12 schools have become more complex environments with the introduction of technology to the classrooms.  Chalkboards have been replaced with whiteboards and Apple TVs.  Laptops are the new textbooks and WiFi is as crucial as electricity and security.

As change continues, K-12 Schools that seek to stay current with those advancements will find themselves with a competitive advantage over schools that maintain the status quo. That’s where a managed IT service provider like Micro Tech Resources comes in.

We provide the following K-12 IT services:

  • Comprehensive IT consulting
  • Onsite and full phone support
  • IT budget planning
  • Cloud hosting services
  • Web filtering for all devices, on campus and off campus
  • Endpoint management, Printers, Surveilance Systems and Bell Systems
  • Spam, virus ransomware and malware monitoring
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Technology and Curriculum planning

Micro Tech Resources provides efficient and flexible managed IT services and K-12 Schools in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including Sacramento and North Bay.

We understand that in K-12 Schools there are many unpredictable costs that can impact a school’s budget from month to month, including equipment maintenance. Managing the school’s IT infrastructure, however, should be a fixed cost that allows the school to focus on its core focus, such as students and teachers.

At Micro Tech Resources we can supplement your in-house IT team, provide an alternative to hiring IT staff or step in for an IT staffing shortage or emergency IT solution. We know your school depends on reliable IT services and can help you plan for any and all situations that may occur.

If your K-12 School is in need of temporary or part-time IT support or you wish to outsource the entire IT operation, contact Micro Tech Resources to talk to one of our K-12 Schools IT specialists.

Ready to experience our simple I.T. solutions?